Willett, Hofmann & Associates is dedicated to serve our clients Ethically, Responsively, and Professionally with highly trained and skilled staff.

With four licensed Structural Engineers on staff, and the support of an experienced technical staff, Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc. Structural Engineering Department can provide structural engineering services for projects of any size or complexity. WHA provides structural engineering services for new construction, rehabilitation and restoration of highway and railroad bridges; new construction, renovation and additions for building structural systems; existing structure evaluation reports and load rating analysis for both bridges and buildings; and construction engineering for projects of various sizes and complexities.

The Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc. Transportation Department provides engineering services for design, construction and maintenance of municipal streets and alleys, rural and major highways, recreational paths, traffic signals, street lighting, and industrial and commercial sites, as well as intersection design studies, storm sewer analysis, and storm water management facilities for projects of various sizes and complexities.

Today’s increasing drinking water and water quality standards requires investment in education and technology and often, a major shift away from comfortable old solutions. The Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc. Water/Wastewater Engineering Department responds with a wide variety of innovative solutions that make health and safety of community residents and natural resources a top priority.

Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc. Civil Site Engineering staff are experienced in and capable of providing both private and public residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental developments, providing services ranging from design, permitting and construction staking and observation of sites ranging from a single lot, to multiple-lots. Our staff is experienced in the design of storm water management and detention facilities, site grading, parking lots, roadways, entrances, storm and sanitary sewers, and water distribution for fire protection and domestic use. WHA staff works closely with our in-house Land Surveying Department staff and state and local agencies having jurisdiction over developments throughout the design process to ensure their design and platting standards are met, and provides layout and engineering services during the construction phase of the project.

We are dedicated to serve our clients Ethically, Responsively and Professionally with highly trained and skilled staff.

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