• LOCATION: Dixon, Illinois
  • CLIENT: City of Dixon
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $2,350,000
  • SCOPE OF WORK: New Horizontal & Vertical Alignments, Pavement Design, Drainage Design, Intersection Modification, Layout, Lighting Design, Shared-Use Path Design, Topo Survey, ROW Services, Construction Inspection, Documentation & Layout
  • PROJECT COMPLETION: Completed – 2015
  • WHA TEAM: Geoffrey Smith, P.E., Luke Nelson, P.E., Jeff Rohde, P.L.S., Dan Blum, Larry Griffiths

Phase I, II, & III Services

This project consisted of the reconstruction of River Street from Galena Avenue to IL Route 2 in Dixon, IL.  This section of roadway had fallen into severe disrepair with several segments having been constructed in the early 1950’s with no or only minor repairs having been performed.  The section is squeezed between the Rock River and the Bluff on the south side of the river.  The new roadway weaves in the available space with limited ROW.  A new shared-use path was constructed between the roadway and the river.  The existing street was poorly lit with only a few lights lining the roadway.  New decorative lights were added to not only adequately light the street, but also light the shared-use path for nighttime activity.  The intersection with Galena Avenue was slightly modified to allow for the new path.  Challenges for fitting the path in were the Hydro Electric Plant and associated power transmission poles, City Park Property, and existing business buildings that have kept ROW to a minimum.  The new profile required a new drainage plan to incorporate the new system with the old system which drains the bluff above the roadway.  Another unique issue for the drainage is the presence of several artesian springs exiting the bluff.  The project was completed in the fall of 2015 and the shared-use path is being used by the community.