Fairmount Minerals Suspension Truss Conveyor


CLIENT: TCI Manufacturing

SCOPE OF WORK: Design & Provide Structural Plans for Overhead Cable Stay Truss Conveyor

PROJECT SCHEDULE: Completed – 2012

WHA TEAM: Brian K. Converse, P.E., S.E., Peter L. Pascua, P.E., S.E., Ian P. Nilausen, P.E.

Willett, Hofmann & Associates provided structural design and details for an overhead cable stay truss conveyor consisting of two spans, one at 211’ and the other at 105’. Due to the span lengths, it was decided the most economical way to support the conveyor truss was to erect steel towers with steel rods extending at an angle down to the truss. Due to the proximity of one of the towers being adjacent to silos and no room for a tie back to resist the rod force, all of the horizontal force had to be resisted by the drilled shafts located under the main tower legs.