• LOCATION: City of Rochelle, Illinois
  • CLIENT: City of Rochelle, Illinois
  • SCOPE OF WORK: Water Rate Study Report, Topographical Survey, ROW Survey Plat, Well Design, Well Pump Design, Well Building Design and Elevated Water Storage Tank Design, IEPA Construction Permit Acquisition, Construction Staking, Construction Observation, Project Management
  • PROJECT SCHEDULE: Completed – 2017
  • WHA TEAM: Matt Hansen, P.E., Mike Long, P.E., Larry Griffiths

Phase II & III Services

The water system improvements addressed water supply capacity, water system reliability and gives the City the ability to provide water service to some high ground southeast of the City which couldn’t be served by the water system pressure. The City of Rochelle has two (2) industrial water users that consume approximately 1,377,000 gallons of water per day or approximately 60% of the total billed volume. Both industries are located in the southeast part of the City and place a large demand on the water system. One of the industrial users was located at the end of the City’s water distribution system.

The new Well #12 is located south of the existing water distribution system and creates a second pressure zone in the City’s water distribution system. The project included the construction of a 970-foot-deep Iron-Galesville sandstone well, a 1,300 gpm submersible pump with pitless adapter, a well building to house the chemical feed equipment, pressure reducing valves, a small laboratory for water quality testing and a 750,000-gallon elevated water storage tank. The elevated water storage tank was constructed approximately 70 feet higher than the existing elevated water storage tanks on the water system, to create the second pressure zone. The new pressure zone was connected to the existing water system by a pressure reducing valve therefore, water from Well #12 and the elevated water storage tank can be fed into the existing water distribution system. Well #12 has a standby generator as a secondary power source so water can be produced at all times.